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Orbit Tank

Orbit Float Tank

The advantages and benefits of the revolutionary Orbit Float Tank system are what really set it apart. We encourage you to compare to any other float tank system on the market.

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LIQUID wanted a tank that would revolutionize the floating experience from the ground up. We were honored that Orbit chose LIQUID as one of their primary locations here in the United States to install their market leading tank, ‘Orbit’. Orbit’s large internal space, lighting and music, greater accessibility and intelligent and automated monitoring – making it a relaxing experience for us and our clients.

After years of working with the leading float tank manufacturer, they realized something. Regardless of the financial success of previous models, there was a serious need for a better tank with greater, more efficient functionality.

Determined to get it right, they committed themselves to wiping the slate clean and starting from the ground up, rather than continuing to tweak the designs of 40 years ago like so many others.

LIQUID is here to provide world class support and a float system that gives you peace of mind, not problems.

LIQUID also works with some of the best people in the industry to ensure no matter where you’re at in your journey we can help or put you in touch with someone who can. Visit our partners page and be sure to ask for discounts from LIQUID if you should need any of their services.

Want more information? Click Here to send us an email or setup a call. LIQUID will be back to you in no time. Please visit our delivery & installation page to learn more about how that process will go.

Come meet the LIQUID team and see how we use the Orbit system in our own center in ATX.

Try before you buy, we’ll arrange you some float time in the Orbit.

Committed to service, we’ll get you up and running in no time. Orbits refusal to accept anything other than the high quality materials, component and software make running your center as smooth as possible.