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Once it is determined that Orbit will be the Float Tank you choose, we will begin our install site diagnostic

  • Digital Mapping of space offers custom layouts tailored to the specifications of your space.
    • This ensures perfect placement and avoids unforeseen issues from delaying our onsite installation process.
    • Once agreed upon, LIQUID will render potential floor plans for you to go over.


Uniquely tailored to your space, Orbit and LIQUID will produce a Point-by-Point Installation plan for each client. This allows our installation crews to quickly identify and resolve any onsite complications as we move through the install process. We spend time off site planning in order to reduces time spent bringing the unit online once we arrive. By maximizing the time we can spend on training and operations, we hope to provide a stress-free installation. Sit back and admire your new Orbits as their brought online, beginning your journey as an operator. Orbit and LIQUID always strive to bring the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness on every install when it comes time to deliver.

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Click Here for Images


Orbit has direct subversion over units leaving the U.K. and LIQUID houses and tests them in our warehouse in Austin TX. This makes Shipping & Logistics a breeze and helps ensure on time delivery without last minute changes to the plan. Orbit will deploy a team of at least two professional installers to be present on every install site. For all technical needs, LIQUID will work with trusted local contractors as well as movers to provide a safe and secure on-boarding of Orbit(s).


Once online, an Orbit approved technician will run all necessary personnel through a comprehensive training