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We are experienced floating experts passionate about helping people improve their health and well-being in a variety of ways.


Float Therapy: It’s All About Caring

Liquid helps clients comfortably and decisively build a more profound organization because we believe that helps them build a more profound, gratifying, and overall healthy life.

Liquid takes an all-inclusive path to launching and supporting new float centers to take up as much of the worry as possible. We share our expertise with inquisitive floaters hoping to start an organization of their own – because as far as we’re concerned, the more float centers, the better!


Nurturing Experts Leading the Way

We here at LIQUID are incredibly passionate about providing all the knowledge and support we can to those who wish to join the movement of helping people feel and function better.

LIQUID founder, Sean Thompson joined the industry in the early days when it was still fragmented with little or no support or accessible knowledge bases for those just getting started. He learned the pitfalls through hard trial and error. From opening a center and the unique obstacles it provides to troubleshooting sub-par equipment and ineffective treatment schedules. Looking back the LIQUID team and Sean have been through it all. With the shared experience of having to make it go right, no matter the situation, the LIQUID team now fosters a deep desire to help those starting out in floating.

One of the major obstacles LIQUID faced just a few months after opening was relating to our equipment, the “True Rest Float pod” by Royal Spa. So severe were the issues and lack of support it nearly sunk the business right out the gate. Sean knows what it’s like to go it alone as a float spa entrepreneur just starting out and he doesn’t want newcomers feeling they don’t have all the information they need. Ultimately, your success means more access to this crucial therapy which at the end of the day, matters most.

With over 5 years in the industry bootstrapping every aspect of it’s float business, LIQUID is now in a position to help others journey go more smoothly. From build-out to equipment LIQUID or it’s friends can help get your through. There are so many costly, yet easily avoidable pitfalls one can step into while entering into this industry. Regardless, if your considering the Orbit unit for your space or not, feel free to reach out to us for anything at all. We understand all too well the consequences on your business and your sanity making just one of these mistakes can be, don’t rush it!



LIQUID is powered by the best the Float Industry has to offer. We aim to facilitate our clients from concept to creation and everywhere in between. By working with LIQUID, you can be certain that your future operation and clients will have the most comprehensive float experience possible. Our Team, in conjunction with the partners below, are committed to making you journey through our industry as smooth and pleasant as a Float.

Provides us with a Float Store where people can get all the float center related good in once place as well as Logistical and Installation support for orbits by LIQUID.
is a CRM, POS, training and operations system developed specifically for Float centers by a float center allowing unmatched efficiencies and reduction in work load.
offer workshops for those looking to open a center, pre-build out consulting, build out consulting, marketing consulting, and equipment support for all types of floatation devices. For anyone who isn’t a pro or hasn’t opened a center before, will benefit greatly from utilizing any of their resources and purchasable documents.
gives us the best and only H2o2 in the world derived strictly from plant based materials.
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