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Floating is becoming more popular and accepted by the general public. So what can Floating do for you? The same thing it does for everyone! Relieve physical and mental stress. Much of our energy is used up with our brain and nervous system’s trying to manage gravity and our senses. This is the fundamental benefit of floating: escaping gravity, restricting our senses and allowing our body and mind to let go. In doing so, we are able to boost the activity of every system: our blood circulates faster, our muscle tissue repairs quicker and our brains manufacture endorphins more effectively .

Benefits for the Mind

During a float you produce slower brain-wave patterns, known as theta waves that are normally experienced only during the deepest meditation or briefly before falling asleep. Floating is used widely in the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue.
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In our body there is a chemical known as cortisol which is directly associated to feelings of “being stressed”. Modern lifestyles have lend to increased levels of this hormone. Floating provides a space where we can truly relax by reducing both cortisol and stress.

Up to ninety percent of our attention is used by the brain and nervous system to manage gravity and the input of our five senses. However, when you float you’re in a zero gravity environment wherein all input from the senses is restricted. Once in this new state of relaxation the capabilities of your creative mind are freed.

Your mind creates, stores and uses its own natural opiates, called endorphins. Floating dramatically releases these wonderful chemical throughout your brain causing the highest levels of mental clarity. At the same time, your anxieties are lessened, as your brain begins to produce theta waves that enable you to think & visualize more vividly.

The essence of learning is the ability to understand ideas and concepts. This often boils down to one key aspect, focus. This is ultimately why floating is a perfect tool to use for someone trying to more fully grasp ideas, as well as retain more information. Without the presence of everyday distractions that we are able to take control of our focus and can apply its full power to whatever we choose.

Floating allows us to be in a “theta state of mind”. This right brain oriented wave unlocks many of our natural abilities of intuition. In doing so, a floaters mind is opened up to a sense of connection and natural flow between all the events of their life. Furthermore, this new perspective eases one into a mode of “being alert”, “being present” and being “tuned in”.

In simplest terms, a problem is an unwanted situation we refuse to address appropriately. When we loose sight of the issue, fail to act or get on an ego trip a problem is born. However, as water is to the flame, floating is to problems. Gently taken to a state of complete relaxation a synchronization occurs between the left and right sides of your brain. Your mind becomes organized, forming a new whole far greater than its parts. From here you can enjoy an objectivity about your life, your role in it, and what needs doing that I can find no where else on Earth.

Our moods and anxieties have both a physical and mental source. Through chemicals in our body and the thoughts in our heads we must be careful to not over stimulate ourselves into an unhealthy state of being. Floating is an especially powerful tool in trying to maintain balance in an sometimes over-whelming world. As your softly navigated to a place of deep relaxation your body and mind is relieved of it’s usual work load through the absence of gravity and a dramatic reduction in sensory input.

The simple act of seeking relaxation is the admission to feeling stressed. Fortunately, floating is a very effective tool in providing levels of stress relief that no other modality can. Stress originates from the environments we live in and the circumstances surrounding us at a given time. We do many things to try and reconcile ourselves with both of these sources but it is often asking a lot as they span across both the physical and mental domains. The float pod, however, can effortlessly bridge the gap and allow us to not only let go of what is keeping us tense but also seek out resolution which will lead to a prolonged feelings of general well being.

Floating has several benefits to those suffering from addictive tendencies. By allowing for a healthier internal dialog while promoting positive thinking floating has been shown to have profound effect on addict’s mental health. Another cause of addiction is in the body: An innate imbalance of chemicals. Epsom salts replenish depleted essential minerals which facilitates the natural production of the “feel good” chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. Floating not only increase the amount of these endorphins but also the capacity, making these essential chemicals more readily available in the future, Floating Aids Recovery!

Perhaps, the most well documented benefit of floating is the tendency for those who choose to use this tool, regularly, to adopted a long term positive outlook on life. As we all know depression can be rooted in many causes. However, regardless of origination we believe the true path forward is finding a space to reflect and heal while also giving our bodies a chance to balance vital chemicals. Floating is unmatched in its ability to tackle both these needs simultaneously in an extremely efficient manner. By removing almost all external stimulus and relieving ourselves of gravity we can easily center our thoughts and allow our body to produce an abundance of endorphins.

Benefits for the Body

Research shows that floating reduces blood pressure and heart rate while lowering the levels of stress-related chemicals in the body. Sports performance and recovery are also enhanced by floating as it compliments many other rehabilitation therapies.
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Most people are not aware that 90% of our muscles energy is spent dealing with our nervous system and the effects of gravity. Our float pods consist of 1000 pounds of Epsom salt being dissolved into a ten-inch pool of water. The solution is so thick it is impossible for you not to float effortlessly. Your muscles are instantly and totally relieved of all their normal work allowing your body to use its energy to repair itself. Unless you have floated before, you have never experienced this level of absolute relaxations.

Our blood pressure is controlled by our nervous system which has two main parts. One part, looks out for dangers and tells us when to fight or to run away, the other part is responsible for relaxing us. When you float the part of your nervous system that needs to be alert goes on pause while the part responsible for relaxing us takes over. Due to the zero gravity environment and the restricted input from our senses the we enter a state of complete calm which can causes blood pressure to lower significantly.

Each of us has an internal clock that we’ve likely been running on for more or less our whole lives. When this get disrupted, thrown off, or ignored we become fatigued and eventually need to rest. In our fast paced global society, it is easy to ignore the needs of our body. Fortunately, with powerful technology like floating we can effectively give our bodies the rest it needs in less time. A 90-minute float has can provide the equivalent of a sound, six hours of deep sleep.

Soaking in Epsom salt baths has been used by many cultures for hundreds of years. By taking one it allows for a reverse osmosis to occur. During this process harmful toxins are pulled out of the body while magnesium and sulfates are allowed to enter. Magnesium plays a critical role in over 325 enzymes in the body some of which promote the healthy functioning of our immune system which in turn regulates inflammation in the body. Its believed that over 68% of American’s are deficient in magnesium and is likely a key reason for many suffering from an over active inflammatory response, come have a soak and see if Liquid can’t help your body find its flow once again.

Flotation therapy allows 90% of the energy our brain and nervous system continuously use to be freed up. No longer concerned with managing gravity and our senses all of our attention can be used in other ways. As a result, our circulatory system speeds up allowing muscle regeneration to happen more quickly.

Floating provides us a space where we can both physically and mentally relax. In doing we energize every system in our body as well as your activating natural killer cells within the body. These special cells have the responsibility for killing defective cells that hinder our immune system. While in float mode you’ll find you give your body a big upper hand in overcoming whatever may be keeping you down.

Much of the joint pain we experience is due to wear and tear we’ve sustained in our lives. A big part of that is the extra load we carry operating under gravity. This force which holds us down, quite literally, also causes damage to our bodies in doing so. By way of 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt, floating allows us to bypass this otherwise inescapable entity. In doing so the participant experiences unparalleled relaxation and gives the body perhaps its best rest to date. Remove gravity, enjoy relief.

As gravity keeps us in place it is also pushes down on us, compressing our bodies from head to toe. Given that the top of the spine is located in the neck and the bottom in our lower back it makes sense that these are common places for injury or occur. As stated above gravity can be a force for both good and bad. However, we rarely if ever get to escape its more negative effects. This is where floating comes in giving us an place to enjoy a short reprieve from the universal forces. Now that we can at ease out body can begin to decompress and create space for additional blood flow.

The power of floating can reduce the probability of recurring migraines as well as alleviates the pain of an existing one. Through floating we find ourselves no longer needing to worry about or even think about anything which provides a great place for letting the body find calm. Floating can often end recurring migraines.

In our fast paced world, the amount of information put in front of us is nothing short of immense when compared to what our minds can actually absorb. Many people are feeling the effects of this as they reach a point of sensory overload. There minds simply cannot process the amount of information being sent. So, what then happens when we float in an environment without light, sound or a sense of touch? Free of universal forced of gravity and essentially without any stimulation the opposite to our daily lives. Come explore and enjoy the beauty of nothing.