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Research: It Started with a blank piece of paper

The Orbit team sets out to determine whether the Float industry needed a new tank and if so what would it look like. After nearly two years of analysis, speaking with owners and clients, Orbit had enough data to make a decision. It was clear that the industry did in fact have a place for a re-imagined system, that would be enable operators and their clients to take floating to the next level of commercialization

Development: Identifying Industry Needs

Having allowed the data, not their own idea’s, to influence the design and features of the Orbit, it was critical to identify as many challenges facing the industry as possible. Without this data, it was still just a blank piece of paper. Bit by bit the picture become more clear, the major industry needs revealed themselves and plans to combat them were incorporated into every aspect of Orbits design. By the end, all the research lead the team to a near “total re-think” that would take another 2 years of development to bring to completion. The result would change completely what a float tank is, should and can be forever.

The Future: Ready to tackle future issues

Orbit didn’t just want to set out to solve the problems of today, just to wake up to those of tomorrow. As floating continues to gain swift momentum, it was equally important the tank be able to adapt and remain relevant. Orbit started with the most obvious, yet rarely adopted practice of sourcing only the highest quality fiber glass, components, sensor and instruments. Once the basics were covered the team set out to tackled the far more treacherous tasks of creating robust software that didn’t cause more issues than it solved. (Orbit’s software features over 100,000 lines working code.) With solid software and only the absolute best in materials Orbit owners have the benefit of knowing their units will function reliably for years as well as receive remote upgrades & improvements as they come.

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