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The Orbit: Features & Science 2017-12-20T13:45:20-05:00


The advantages and benefits of the revolutionary Orbit Float Tank system are what really set it apart. We encourage you to compare to any other float tank system on the market.

It all starts with the Orbit’s physical design and construction.

This provides the crucial feeling of “infinite space” during floats. Float the largest of people and be able to offer couples floats for those who want to share the experience.

But don’t be deceived: this huge internal floating area is contained in a tank that’s been engineered to be an incredibly space efficient choice. Many float spas are working with limited space, out unit can accommodate most all spaces.

Design that enables users to stand fully upright while entering the tank. This critical feature allows less mobile Orbit users to safely enter and exit the tank. Orbit being accessible to those with mobility challenges  was a fundamental in it’s design.

Makes entering and exiting a stress free experience, even for those with greatly reduced mobility, strength and balance.

Ssourced from the  best fiberglass technicians in the world, Orbit is truly built to last. In addition, to being expertly crafted, a hydrophobic coating is applied to all surfaces making Orbit a breeze to clean.

After every float the entire tank is automatically drained into holding reservoirs ensuring 100% solution processing. In addition, operators can enable skimmer mode which ensures nothing from the previous float is present in the next. With your team spending less time and energy preparing tanks they will have more for your clients.

This means that quick and accurate solution heating while filling the tank is backed up with silent automated temperature maintenance, making sure that the float solution maintains the perfect temperature, even during longer floats.

The Orbit’s solution purification unit is the absolute state-of-the-art. Featuring combined filtration so you can rest easy. Every float in your center will meet the highest sanitization standards possible for now and the future.

Has been designed to enhance the float experience. The Orbit’s distinctive lighting design is completely programmable and based on light patterns found in nature for comfort easing your clients into the experience.

Is also included to help provide just the right environment for relaxation and healing

Perhaps the most empowering feature for Orbit for operators is the reliable and easy to use software. This makes managing the system effortless without the need for any extensive training.

Unrivaled automation giving readings on temperature, PH, H2O2 levels, solution density, filter flow rate and UV life. Rest assured you’ll have all the data you need for optimum performance and peace of mind.

These are just some of the amazing and unrivaled benefits of the Orbit Float Tank system from Liquid.




Never has the Float industry seen a unit built from the ground up, backed by years of research and development, that keeps both the end user and owner operator in mind. Orbits time saving features and built to last engineering makes it a pleasure for those who depend on it for their livelihood, while at the same time creating the best Float experience to date.


One of the principles behind the creation of the Orbit was to ensure those who purchased it would never fall behind. Each unit utilizes dynamic and powerful software to communicate with developers. Systems can be accessed remotely allowing free flowing updates to keep you ahead. This allows for Orbit to receive updates that can add functionality to buttons as well as optimize individual systems to their respective environments. In addition, Orbit will also give owners the ability to receive significant hardware upgrades as they are developed.